About Us

Life isn't just about the basics it gives us, it's much more than the ability to sleep, wake, and get on with "our" normal day-to-day activities. 


It's about that "wow" feeling you want. We get and understand it! 


Life with Lustra is more than a routine or a feel-good moment. It is that cozy feeling, necessary luxury, protection, enjoyment, wellness, and assurance you get from our carefully selected innovative products designed to make much more than you can imagine. 


From our comfort sofa that says luxury to the confidence and overall hygiene from the breath booster, our wide range of products are crafted with YOU in mind. Lustra aims to make YOU the best; To be different, feel great, stand out, be energized, feel safe, and have as much fun as you desire. 


We at Lustra are with YOU every step of the way, We are committed to supporting you through every stage of your journey, no matter what life throws at you, our products are designed to give you that bounce and boost to make you feel good, stay healthier, have a brighter future and envelope you in OUR care and support